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Leather products are very popular and expensive in New Zealand. There are many small to large retailer supply high quality and affordable leather goods in New Zealand. Some retailers source leather products locally and some retailer’s source leather goods internationally.

Pure Leather is one of the largest and finest leather products supplier’s in New Zealand market. We supply all types of leather goods, including:

  1. Leather ladies bag
  2. Leather man’s belt
  3. Leather ladies purse
  4. Leather laptop bag
  5. Leather wallet and more

Good News for local small retailer:

If you are a local retailer and struggling to source leather goods, we have excellent solutions for you. You can buy bulk leather products with reseller price.

Besides, if you have customized design, we can able to provide your custom leather products as well. For more information, talk to our friendly customer care specialists regarding your need or Visit our warehouse

194A Blockhouse Bay Road,

Avondale- 0600,

Auckland,  New Zealand

There are many retailers supply leather products in New Zealand. Most of the retailers offer quality and affordable leather products. So, why you should buy leather products from us?

Local supplier:

Pure leather is run and operated by kiwi. We have warehouse in Auckland and supply nationwide. We are keen to supply 100% leather products with reasonable price.

Free shipping: 

We offer free shipping facility for all types of leather goods throughout  New Zealand. We pack and deliver leather products.

Money back guarantee 

Online buying can have a risk factor to get damaged or low-quality products. We have 30 days return policy. If you have any issues with our product, we have a return policy. For getting money back or product return, please contact 0211906005

Original leather products 

We supply and stock 100% genuine leather products. We do not outsource products from somewhere else. We have our own production factory and each product need to pass a quality check by leather expert.

Safe payment gateway

We have world trusted payment gateway “PayPal”. Most importantly, we are not storing our customer payment information. So, we can guarantee 100% safe and secure payment transaction.

Shopping is one of the hardest jobs for some people. Many people states they get confused whiling shopping. In addition, leather products shopping can be confusing for many people as we have not much idea regarding quality leather products. Moreover, the market is saturated with low-quality leathers with poor quality craftsmanship. We spoke to an expert leather vendors to get some insights into what goes on under the hood.

Real VS fake leather products

I personally believe that it should not be hard to check out real and quality leather products in New Zealand. You just need to ensure few quality tags while buying leather products from the retail or online shopper.

Look for “full grain” leather whenever possible. It means leather that has not had its surface coated to mask the natural markings on the hide. Most importantly, it can be very deceptive and will not nearly as soft or durable.

Identify leather quality

It is a common belief that leather products can’t be cheap like other products. It should maintain own quality and price. If you get any cheap leather goods, try to avoid these products. Normally, two factors ultimately determine the quality of a piece of leather products:

  1. The hide selection
  2. The tanning process

The hide selection ensures to how clean the leather goods is with regards to a number of natural marks on the hide. Basically, leather products are graded or priced based on the cleanliness of the hide.

Lining and Finishing leather products

Any leather bag linings could be made from durable elements and refer like they will perform over a long period of time. Cheap or low-quality leather products might not be lining properly.

A quality leather product should have the finest finishing to end user. So, check above 2 important factors while purchasing.

Products Hardware & Zippers

Zipper is one of the most important factors for any leather products. We should not compromise with low-quality zippers on leather bags or products. If a zipper fails, a bag might become useless or need to repair zipper again. Normally, a quality zipper has teeth that are not sharp and a zip slider is also made from brass. So, we need to check quality zippers and hardware while buying leather goods.

Handles & Straps on Products

If we consider bag then a handle is the first contact with the bag. It should be comfortable and be fabricated from many layers of stacked leather.

So, we need to give extra concern on handles and straps.


Leather products are very sensitive. We need to give extra concern and maintenance properly during heavy rainy weather or hot weather. We should not keep leather products on direct sunlights or wet place.

To sum up, leather products are long lasting compare to other material products. These products can add an extra dimension to your regular fashion or lifestyle. Hope, above points, can give proper guidelines while shipping

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